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Rapid Prototyping

The 3D printer is UPRINT SE 3P56646 with a 8 X 6 X 6 work area envelope.

We are capable of printing larger models by printing them in pieces and assembling together.


We are able to open 3D files in CREO or SOLIDWORKS native formats, as well as STEP and STL, if the file was created by a different 3D modeling software.



Most importantly we have a diligent dedicated engineering team that would work with the customer to bring their product to life, while reducing lead times and minimizing cost.

UPRINT 3D Printer

Parts made by the 3D printer are attached to the pictured black board for stability. 

Part made with 3D Printer


We currently use SolidWorks, PTC Creo 3.0 and AutoCAD. We keep employees on hand that spealize in these three programs. This ensures that we can always have someone to meet our programing needs. 


Welding/ Fabricating 

  • (2) Miller TIG Welding Machine

  • MillerMatic MIG Welding Machine

  • Lincoln 150 MIG Welding Machine

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