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We currently use three different molding machines to produce our products.

These machines include;

  • 16x20 Robert's Sinto that helps us produce High Production Molding.

  • No Bake Floor Molding using a Palmer No

       Bake Machine.

  • Green Sand Squeezer Molding.

Alloys Poured: 535, 319, 356, ZA12

All Alloys are Rotary Degassed with a Nitrogen Purge

We ONLY purchase certified ingot from DOMESTIC sources

We currently have four electric induction furnaces. 

All of these furnances are eco friendly. 



Robert's Sinto


No-Bake Mold

Core Making


We currently make four different types of cores. These cores include;

  • Shell

  • CO2

  • No Bake

  • Multiple Piece Core Assembly


We also have four different core machines

  • HP-43 Redford Shell Core Machine 

  • HP-42 Redford Shell Core Machine

  • 100 Dependable Shell Core Machine

  • 200 Dependable Shell Core Machine 

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