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Our finishing department does everything from grinding off access metal to putting the finishing touches on parts. We use multiple belt types and grits to get the results we need. Below is an example of a Veteran Marker that is in the between stage of highlighting.

This portion of the part has been ground or highlighted to have a silver finish. 

This portion of the part has not been

ground and still has powdercoat. 

Grinding Wheels

Each part is made with the end result in mind. Many of our parts get powder coated and therefore need a certain finish. This ensures that the powder coat will look its absolute best. 

Polishing Wheels

Vibratory Mill

Time-tested technology provides three-dimensional Vibro-Energy motion for all SWECO Finishing Mills. This motion subjects parts and media to a consistent high frequency tilting movement as they travel in a helical/orbital path around the chamber. The resulting compressive scrubbing action cleans and also removes burrs, round sharp corners, and smooths out surface impressions. Because vertical/horizontal amplitudes and the rate of vibration are completely adjustable, your finishing requirements can be handled quickly and efficiently.

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